Re-Elect Debbie Thomas

Melbourne City Council, District 4

Proven Leadership for the Harbor City

General Election – Vote November 6th, 2018

Councilwoman Debbie Thomas

Debbie Thomas was elected to office on November 4, 2014, by the city at large to serve on the Melbourne City Council as the representative of District 4.  She served as Vice Mayor from 2016-2017. Her current City Council term will continue until November 2018.

District 4 covers an area that begins north of Orlando-Melbourne International Airport and extends south to Palm Bay Road. Babcock Street serves as the district’s primary border to the east, and the City of West Melbourne is the district’s primary border to the west.

Councilwoman Thomas sits on the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport Authority Board. She is also a member of the Transit One Coalition, a community coalition that shares a common vision of improving mass transit in Brevard County, including bus-riding and van-pooling, to help resolve traffic issues in Brevard County.

Securing a Safe and Prosperous Future for Melbourne
Debbie is seeking re-election in order to continue the work she has done to improve the City of Melbourne, not only for its residents but for all of Brevard County.  Melbourne is the central hub of all the economic development that occurs in Brevard County.  Melbourne, unlike many of the surrounding areas, has the capacity and desire to grow and develop.

Councilwoman Thomas has distinguished herself as a team player and wants businesses to know that the City of Melbourne is easy to work with.  Debbie Thomas wants local businesses to succeed and partner with the City of Melbourne, so that together they can create an environment where people want to live, work, and play.


Leadership In Action


During Debbie Thomas’s term on the Melbourne City Council, she has supported and advocated for a number of initiatives aimed at restoring the health of the Indian River Lagoon.



Debbie has been an integral part of an effort to improve Babcock Street and supported a vote that set aside money specifically for road improvement and  worked with the County Commission.



Debbie Thomas has been instrumental in supporting and approving several development projects that will transform Melbourne and make it more appealing to businesses and visitors.


Countdown to Election Day








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